What’s a ‘Tottering Biped’ ?
The term “Tottering Biped” was inspired by Phillip Tobias’ landmark study on human development, Man: the Tottering Biped, which contends that the human skeleton is not entirely bipedal, it is still in transition from a quadrupedal structure. This thought: that we are deeply incomplete; that the basic act of standing upright and living a conscientious life requires constant effort, informs everything we do. This festival is about evolving

Trevor Copp founded Burlington’s Tottering Biped Theatre (TBT) in 2008, a professional company emphasizing original, issue driven, and highly physical work. He completed Theatre Studies at Waterloo, a MA at Guelph, and Mime at the Marcel Marceau School in Paris. He has been a professional actor for over 12 years in pieces ranging from Classical to contemporary, performing in over 20 Canadian and international cities and numerous National Theatre Festivals.

Copp is also a regional American Style Latin Champion and has taught/coached physical Theatre for numerous professional companies and Universities. He is an active arts advocate, director and choreographer.  Trevor is a founding member of the Burlington Arts & Culture Collective and was honoured with the City’s Arts Person of the Year designation in 2012.


Christopher Giroux’s work spans a multitude of projects over the past decade. Notably, a Sheridan Graduate in Advanced TV & Film from 2009 with a focus on Producing. Giroux’s worked as a producer with Black Fawn Films on lyrical videos and music videos for bands like Theory of a Deadman, Lyon and Megadeth. Following that, Giroux worked as Production Manager on the films Ejecta (Julian Richings), Hellmouth (Stephen McHattie) & Septic Man (Molly Dunsworth, Robert Maillet, Tim Burd and Julian Richings) with Foresight Features. Between productions Giroux made his directorial debut with a short film Dead All Night, which screened in five countries. Giroux then tackled the film Antisocial as an Associate Producer (Antisocial, premiered at the internationally-renowned Fantasia Film Festival to audience and critical acclaim and has since won BEST SCREENPLAY at La Samain du cinema fantastique in France (2013). Since the release of ANTISOCIAL, Giroux has produced horror-features The Drownsman (which recently locked world-wide distribution), along with ANTISOCIAL 2, THE SUBLET and most recently BITE, all set to premiere in 2015. Giroux has also produced videos for singers Lyon, The Trews ft. Serena Ryder and Nothing More.

In Giroux’s free time he splits his time between being the co-festival director of The Tottering Biped Film Festival and the promotions manager at Black Fawn Distribution. Being the Co-Festival Director of The Tottering Biped Film Festival in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario is one of Giroux’s passion projects allowing local and Canadian artists \ filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work to an audience. Giroux is also the promotion manager at Black Fawn Distribution and company with a slogan like “By Filmmakers For Filmmakers” is was right up Giroux’s alley allowing him once again the opportunity to interact with distribution aspect of filmmaking but also help spread the word of the Canadian genre scene.


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