Festival Line Up 2015

Friday March 6th
Robbing Blind (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Mike Chantaj)
Network of Black & White (France) 18.5 mins (Written and Directed by Thomas Keumurian)
Sister’s Promise (Canada) 8 mins (Written by Debroah Smith and Directed by Keaton Smith)
Ruler of the Roost (Canada) 10 mins (Directed by Benjamin Turnbull)
Patient Zero (UK) 9 mins (Written and Directed by Paul Colbeck)
The Trumpeter (USA) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Miguel Rueda)
Massacre at Femur Creek (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Kyle Hytonen)
Haiku 4: Still (Canada) 6.5 mins (Written by Jun K. Lee & Directed by Lyle Pisio)
Shelter (France) 10.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jethro Massey)
Tsuper Hero (The Philippians) 11:38 (Written and Directed by Ernest Talusan)
Last Call (Canada) 4 mins Written by Craig F. Watkins & Charles Lo Manto Directed by Craig. F. Watkins)

Saturday March 7th
Big Pharma (Canada) 12 mins (Written and Directed by Andy Shaw)
A Day with Death (Nigeria) 15 mins (Written by Breanne Mattson & Directed by Amuwa Oluseyi Asurf)
Moment in Time (Canada) 7 mins (Written and Directed by Kathleen Ruzsa)
Shut Up (Canada) 5 mins (Written by Kyle Carrie-Mattimoe & Jessica Terry and Directed by Boning Zhang)
Bow To Your Prince (Canada) 8 mins (Written and Directed by March Mercanti)
Hypothermia (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jon Dewar)
The Shutterbug Man (Canada) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Chris Walsh)
Carried Love (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Alex Hutchinson)
Already Home (Canada) 2.5 mins (Directed by Emma Andrews)
Arcadia (Canada) 4 mins (Directed by Rick Fisher)
Zugzwang (USA) 8.5 mins (Written and Directed by Yolanda Centeno)
True Voodoo (Canada) 14.5 (Written by Josh Puddicombe

Festival Times

For BOTH March 6 and 7:

6pm – SB Prime pre-party (390 Brant Str.)

7-7:30pm – transit to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (BPAC) (440 Locust Str – a 5 min walk)

7:30pm – Session 1
8:30-8:45pm – break
8:45pm – Session 2
9:45pm – Q&A
10pm – SB Prime after party

Launch Party

On January 24th at 8pm at SB Prime restaurant (390 Brant Str. Burlington) our launch party for the 2nd Tottering Biped Film Festival will begin. Nibbles, hobnobbing, catching up on what’s happening at this year’s festival – it’s going down. And it’s FREE.

And the Winners are….

Congratulations to all our TBFF official selections. Plans for next year’s festival have begun and will be accepting submissions in June.

The TBFF 2014 Winners are:

Best Performer: Elizabeth Stuart of the film “Promise”
Best Local Film: Wanderlust
Best Screenplay: Tomas Street, Kid’s Town
Best Director(s):Freddy Chavez Olmos, Shervin Shoghian for their film “Shhh”
Best Dark Film: Tasha And Friends
Best Picture: Yeah Rite
People’s Choice: Yeah Rite

TBFF’s 2014 Films & Schedule

Friday Jan. 17th the Festival will be held at the Burlington Art Centre, 1333 Lakeshore Rd.

6-7 Reception
7-8 Session #1 of films
8-8:15 Break
8:15-9:15 Session #2 of films
9:15-10pm Award presentation and closing
10pm- After party at Prime.

It is our pleasure to announce the following line up for our 2014 Festival:

—-Session 1—-

Promise8 mins
Longing to be reunited with her dead husband a grieving widow visits his grave for one last goodbye when a phone call changes her life. Directed by Collin Chan & Johnny Chocolate

Wanderlust4.5 mins
A young boy searches near and far for his purpose. Directed by Mike Martins

Allusion11 mins
So many out-of-the-way things had happened lately that Alice had begun to think that things indeed were really impossible. “Allusion” is the story of a day in the life of a girl who works in a record store and the odd people who visit during the day. Directed by: Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay

New Domain11 mins
A commentary on Generation Y relationships online. – Directed by Andre Rehal

Wade’s World16 mins
Wade faces the long awaited trials and tribulations of being an imaginary friend when his best friend, 29 year old Dan, falls in love. It ain’t easy being imaginary. – Directed by Matthew Yipchuck

Kids Town (Episode 5) – 12 mins
12 year old Brian Russell is the new kid in town, again. As he navigates another set of unwritten rules of the school yard Brian finds himself tangled in the strings of small town politics when he clashes heads with the Mayor’s son, the local press owners youngest, and the Librarian’s pretty daughter. A family series as much for adults as their children, KID’S TOWN is about young love, friendship, small town civics, power struggles and the universal need to figure out one’s place in the world. – Directed by Mikelle Virey

—-Session 2—-

Tasha and Friends15 mins
Local children’s show host, Tasha, decides to shut the show down. Her puppet co-stars, however, want to shut her down…permanently. – Directed by Greg Kovacs

For Clearer Skies7 mins
A man struggles to decide whether or not to pursue survival as his race nears extinction. Directed by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

One More For the Road17 mins
A married couple go on a road trip to rekindle their marriage, leading to disastrous results. Directed by Navin Ramaswaran

4 – 11 mins
Four alternative versions of one young man deal with various conflicts in their everyday life – all involve confronting someone about something that has been taken from him. Directed by Mike Chantaj, Sydney Cowper, RJ Kemp and Cameron Veitch

Yeah Rite6 mins
An atheist and a blind priest perform their first exorcism. – Directed by Michael Penney

Shhh12 mins
Shhh is a fantasy/horror short tale about a young boy, Guillermo, who uses his imagination to overcome his bully: a hair-eating monster. Tired of being scared, Guillermo eventually takes matters into his own hands. It’s only then that we realize the monster might not be as fictitious as one may have thought. Directed by Freddy Chavez Olmos, Shervin Shoghian

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Artists Will be Paid

We are pleased to announce that the films selected to be a part of the Festival – whether or not they are selected as top pieces in the Festival – will be compensated.

In a move that is a departure from major international Festivals such as TIFF where no fees are allocated to the films, the Tottering Biped Film Festival will be compensating Artists for their work. We’d like to thank Jim Riley, a local media Artist, for coming on board with a donation to ensure that this was made possible.