Evolving to a Theatre Near You

Trevor Copp, Artistic Director and Founder of Tottering Biped Theatre, and Christopher Giroux, Owner of the Red and White Productions, are partnering to create a Canadian based film festival in Burlington, ON.  They are seeking new voices and supporting local and Canadian work by providing emerging artists with the opportunity to showcase their short films.  The Tottering Biped Film Festival will take place at the Burlington Art Centre – a space that not only provides artists with a place to show their work, but a space where the community can view such art.

In addition to the screenings, the Tottering Biped Film Festival will host workshops and panel discussions leading up to the event to allow the community and participants to learn more about film, the filmmaking process and moving arts.

From the total number of short submissions, a panel of jury members will select a handful of works to show.  Taking into consideration the project’s early stages, the film festival will consist of one evening only.  Shorts of any genre are welcome and must be under twenty minutes in length.  The final submission deadline will be early December 15, 2013 and the film festival will take place on Friday, January 17, 2014.

“Chris brings tremendous credential both as an artist and producer to the festival; he has both managed large professional film projects and slogged it out in the emerging film field. He’s a rising star in the film world and we’re lucky for the festival to hitch a ride.” – Trevor Copp 

“My passion is to see artists of all stripes in Burlington see this place as a home, not a place to sleep between commutes. This town has every potential to be a thriving arts centre and this Festival will take us there.” – Trevor Copp

“I’m so honored to be working with Trevor to create a festival like this in Burlington. Working as an artist myself I know the importance of showcasing your work.” – Christopher Giroux

“Burlington has always been my home and I’m excited to start to plant solid arts roots here and have them grow with our local art community.” – Christopher Giroux

Please keep posted for more details.