TBFF Line Up and Schedule

The Festival will be held at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, 440 Locus Street on the evenings of March 6th and 7th 2015.

For BOTH March 6 and 7:

6pm – SB Prime pre-party (390 Brant Str.)

7-7:30pm – transit to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (BPAC) (440 Locust Str – a 5 min walk)

7:30pm – Session 1
8:30-8:45pm – break
8:45pm – Session 2
9:45pm – Q&A
10pm – SB Prime after party

Festival Film Line Up:

Friday March 6th
Robbing Blind (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Mike Chantaj)
Network of Black & White (France) 18.5 mins (Written and Directed by Thomas Keumurian)
Sister’s Promise (Canada) 8 mins (Written by Debroah Smith and Directed by Keaton Smith)
Ruler of the Roost (Canada) 10 mins (Directed by Benjamin Turnbull)
Patient Zero (UK) 9 mins (Written and Directed by Paul Colbeck)
The Trumpeter (USA) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Miguel Rueda)
Massacre at Femur Creek (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Kyle Hytonen)
Haiku 4: Still (Canada) 6.5 mins (Written by Jun K. Lee & Directed by Lyle Pisio)
Shelter (France) 10.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jethro Massey)
Tsuper Hero (The Philippians) 11:38 (Written and Directed by Ernest Talusan)
Last Call (Canada) 4 mins Written by Craig F. Watkins & Charles Lo Manto Directed by Craig. F. Watkins)

Saturday March 7th
Big Pharma (Canada) 12 mins (Written and Directed by Andy Shaw)
A Day with Death (Nigeria) 15 mins (Written by Breanne Mattson & Directed by Amuwa Oluseyi Asurf)
Moment in Time (Canada) 7 mins (Written and Directed by Kathleen Ruzsa)
Shut Up (Canada) 5 mins (Written by Kyle Carrie-Mattimoe & Jessica Terry and Directed by Boning Zhang)
Bow To Your Prince (Canada) 8 mins (Written and Directed by March Mercanti)
Hypothermia (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jon Dewar)
The Shutterbug Man (Canada) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Chris Walsh)
Carried Love (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Alex Hutchinson)
Already Home (Canada) 2.5 mins (Directed by Emma Andrews)
Arcadia (Canada) 4 mins (Directed by Rick Fisher)
Zugzwang (USA) 8.5 mins (Written and Directed by Yolanda Centeno)
True Voodoo (Canada) 14.5 (Written by Josh Puddicombe

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