Festival Line Up 2015

Friday March 6th
Robbing Blind (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Mike Chantaj)
Network of Black & White (France) 18.5 mins (Written and Directed by Thomas Keumurian)
Sister’s Promise (Canada) 8 mins (Written by Debroah Smith and Directed by Keaton Smith)
Ruler of the Roost (Canada) 10 mins (Directed by Benjamin Turnbull)
Patient Zero (UK) 9 mins (Written and Directed by Paul Colbeck)
The Trumpeter (USA) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Miguel Rueda)
Massacre at Femur Creek (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Kyle Hytonen)
Haiku 4: Still (Canada) 6.5 mins (Written by Jun K. Lee & Directed by Lyle Pisio)
Shelter (France) 10.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jethro Massey)
Tsuper Hero (The Philippians) 11:38 (Written and Directed by Ernest Talusan)
Last Call (Canada) 4 mins Written by Craig F. Watkins & Charles Lo Manto Directed by Craig. F. Watkins)

Saturday March 7th
Big Pharma (Canada) 12 mins (Written and Directed by Andy Shaw)
A Day with Death (Nigeria) 15 mins (Written by Breanne Mattson & Directed by Amuwa Oluseyi Asurf)
Moment in Time (Canada) 7 mins (Written and Directed by Kathleen Ruzsa)
Shut Up (Canada) 5 mins (Written by Kyle Carrie-Mattimoe & Jessica Terry and Directed by Boning Zhang)
Bow To Your Prince (Canada) 8 mins (Written and Directed by March Mercanti)
Hypothermia (Canada) 9.5 mins (Written and Directed by Jon Dewar)
The Shutterbug Man (Canada) 5 mins (Written and Directed by Chris Walsh)
Carried Love (Canada) 17.5 mins (Written and Directed by Alex Hutchinson)
Already Home (Canada) 2.5 mins (Directed by Emma Andrews)
Arcadia (Canada) 4 mins (Directed by Rick Fisher)
Zugzwang (USA) 8.5 mins (Written and Directed by Yolanda Centeno)
True Voodoo (Canada) 14.5 (Written by Josh Puddicombe

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